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AustraliaAustralia 0.02 USD 0.02 USD 0.13 USD
BangladeshBangladesh 0.13 USD 0.03 USD 0.23 USD
CanadaCanada 0.02 USD 0.01 USD 0.13 USD
ChinaChina 0.02 USD 0.03 USD 0.13 USD
IndiaIndia 0.09 USD 0.03 USD 0.18 USD
IsraelIsrael 0.02 USD 0.02 USD 0.13 USD
NigeriaNigeria 0.12 USD 1.00 USD 0.26 USD
PakistanPakistan 0.15 USD 0.04 USD 0.22 USD
PhilippinesPhilippines 0.2 USD 0.07 USD 0.26 USD
RussiaRussia 0.02 USD 0.03 USD 0.14 USD
South AfricaSouth Africa 0.07 USD 0.07 USD 0.18 USD
United KingdomUnited Kingdom 0.02 USD 0.02 USD 0.12 USD
USAUnited states 0.02 USD 0.02 USD 0.12 USD

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/ min
Dear PokeTALK users,

We thank you for the years of support and dedication to our service. We would like to inform you that PokeTALK has been acquired by Voxox.com. PokeTALK is no longer accepting new sign ups or payments, and will continue to provide existing users all services to use existing credits until July 31st, 2014. We highly recommend Voxox.com for continued low rates for international calling and your global communication needs. Sign up now and start calling any phone, anywhere in the world for FREE,

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